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Quality assurance and consideration for the surroundings

Sustainability is important to us and we always act with this in mind. There is no underlying legislation for sustainable demolition. VLZS is certified through SVMS-007. On that basis, sustainable demolition is now embedded in our organisation.

Sustainable demolition: process-based approach

Demolition techniques and processes for reuse and recycling are the mainstays on which VLZS basis its policy for sustainable demolition. The focus here is on reducing the burden on the environment.

Reuse of materials

With our process-based approach, we can reuse almost 100% of the materials issuing from the demolition process, either through direct reuse or by means of processing, after which a new product is created.

Examples include:
• Recycling masonry and concrete: processed into granulates and/or new concrete products.
• Reuse of wood into chips and pellets, but also for reuse in renovation work. After all, every material can be reused.


Our quality, health, safety and environmental policy statement

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One step further: investments in electrical equipment

Our equipment and fleets are fully electric or hybrid, resulting in C02 reduction and energy savings. For the long term, the focus is on the maintenance processes. Alternative and environmentally-friendly lubricants are consistent with this focus.

C02 emission reduction: the government wants it

More and more, the government is aiming for a reduction in CO2 emissions through energy conservation. We use this as the starting point for our demolition protocol.

What is VLZS doing to reduce waste production?

At our construction sites and work locations, we prevent and reduce waste by designing and purchasing in a way that limits waste. The remaining waste is separated at the source. The reduction of our energy consumption is a continuous process. We do it by identifying, planning and implementing energy-saving measures. On location and in the office. We stopped using halogen construction lighting some time ago and now we work only with LED lighting. As far back as 2006, we converted our mini-backhoe buckets/earth-moving machines from diesel engines to electric drives. Our new machines are always electric. This means that our equipment is always suitable for interior work. For separate processing, we always work with roller containers that we empty into large waste containers with electric forklifts. When hydraulic devices are used, no smoke, fire or odours are released. Our hydraulic stone and concrete crusher works with water atomisation, which minimises the burden on people and the environment. New raw materials issuing from reuse are inspected and/or certified.

We demolish sustainably because:
• Resources are not infinitely available
• We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility.

From four to twenty-four waste flows

Traditional demolition companies work with four waste flows: wood, BSA, ferrous material and stony material. VLZS works with twenty-four waste flows as standard. That requires precision and craftsmanship.

Choosing a sustainable chain

Our policy and our working method are part of a sustainable chain. Because the waste flows from demolition are returned to the producers, no new raw materials need to be mined. This results in less damage to our ecological environment. VLZS accepts its responsibility for the sustainable chain.

Innovative in:

  • Demolition work
  • Asbestos removal
  • Soil and water remediation
  • Especially in an operational environment
We are the only contractor with a special Retail Slooptrailer. This trailer has everything you need to completely demolish a retail or business space and make it ready for handover in the shortest possible time.

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Innovative for:

  • Retail / Supermarket chains
  • Construction / Project developers / Industry
  • Aviation / Maritime & Offshore
  • Healthcare / Governments / Non-Profit
  • Cultural heritage / Special structures
  • Financial and Legal Institutions
  • Infrastructure

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