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Fully certified

VLZS is fully certified for all the types of work that we perform. All of the work in our two divisions – demolition work and asbestos remediation – takes place in accordance with the statutory regulations of the Dutch government.

Dertificates demolitionworks (VLZS)

Certificaten Asbestsanering (VLZF)

Our top priorities are quality and security for our clients. We therefore have an extensive training programme for our employees to ensure that they are always aware of the regulations governing the latest developments in every field. VLZS works only with trained and qualified personnel. That sets us apart from our competitors. Demolition and remediation is no longer an unregulated sector in which anything goes. The work involves a huge amount of responsibility and it is important that you as a customer never encounter problems afterwards. Our work has never been halted during an inspection. Because we think  of everything and we always act in the interest of our customers.

Work performed in accordance with regulations of supervisory and enforcement authorities

We report every job to the relevant inspection authorities before the work starts. As we should. We are in regular contact with the Labour Inspectorate and with certifying bodies such as KIWA, TUV and Veritas. This means that everything we do is visible and measurable in terms of the overall organisation, products and services, processes and management systems and the quality level of the employees. It also means you can count on demonstrable quality from VLZS as an organisation as well as on our working method and our employees. All permits are coordinated and arranged by us with the Municipality, the Province and the national government. VLZS customers can count on 100% support from us, which averts possible sanctions.

Inspections and certificates

VLZS complies with the VCA Guidelines, BRL SIKB 7000 (protocol 7001), SVMS 007, SCA 530, ISO 9001. We also have our own policy statement in which you can read about how we work. Click here for our policy statement.

Innovative in:

  • Demolition work
  • Asbestos removal
  • Soil and water remediation
  • Especially in an operational environment
We are the only contractor with a special Retail Slooptrailer. This trailer has everything you need to completely demolish a retail or business space and make it ready for handover in the shortest possible time.

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Innovative for:

  • Retail / Supermarket chains
  • Construction / Project developers / Industry
  • Aviation / Maritime & Offshore
  • Healthcare / Governments / Non-Profit
  • Cultural heritage / Special structures
  • Financial and Legal Institutions
  • Infrastructure

Visiting address:
Venenweg 6
1161 AK Zwanenburg
T. +31 (0)20 - 497 23 85
F. +31 (0)20 - 497 40 34

Mailing address:
Postbus 50
1160 AB Zwanenburg